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Don’t Cut those Cords! What?!?😮

Do you have a relationship in your life that is a roller coaster ride, but you can't figure out how to get off?
You try to leave, but they keep pulling you back in...

Energetic Attachments or Cords can keep you stuck in unhealthy cycles of irritation and abusive patterns..
The pattern usually begins way before this current relationship.
Often times these patterns are set up in early childhood or even before we were born!

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Chakra Clearing and Strengthening✨

Chakras are the energetic wheel houses for our emotions. They rule how we give and receive energy in the world, so knowing where they are and what they do and how to clear them is important! This course will give you a working knowledge of all of the things you need to know to clear and charge your chakras!

How to Clear Energy

Energy Clearing Made Easy✨

This course will teach you how to identify and clear energy that is not yours. As well as super charge your own energy field!

House Clearing

Energy Clearing for Home and Work 🏠

Clear your home, office or other properties of unwanted heavy energies using Quantum and other tested techniques. Get ready for your space to feel open and free again!
Upon completion of this class you will be able to clear your property and also do in person and long distance property clearing for others.