Software to make writing easy

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When I first started writing my book I was using Word. Word is great for a lot of things…but it’s not that great for book writing for a few reasons. When you want to move paragraphs or chapters around it is extremely challenging to keep the formatting. I would lose lots of time trying to get my writing to look normal after I tried to move things around and it just frustrated me and caused me a lot of grief.

I looked into book writing software and found Scrivener.
This is a game changer for creatives because it will help you to organize all of your ideas in one place, but you can also move around paragraphs with ease. I used it to write my book, but I also use it to organize ideas about different projects that I have so I can get them out of my head on onto the page.

Getting this software will help you tremendously with organizing and help keep you on track the whole way through. (You can do a 30 day trial for free, but if you love it as much as I do, you will end up buying it for about $50.) If you use the code JoannaAlbrecht you will get 20% off!