Organizing Your Subjects

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So many words! So many things to write about!

If you are having trouble figuring out how to get it all written, try this exercise to give you a running start at getting it all together.

  1. Start with 7 subjects.
  2. Write out 10 questions about each of the 7 subjects.
  3. Have someone interview you with the 7 subjects and the 10 questions and and record it.
  4. Transcribe the interview have it formatted and that is your book.

The 7 subjects are your chapters and the 10 questions are the information that goes into each chapter.
This might work out to be your entire book or you might want to go in and edit around to add or subtract things to make it more the book you are looking to write.

My book didn’t quite fit into this format, but it did get me headed in the right direction! Once you start the ball rolling the momentum helps create more momentum and all of the sudden you are writing a book!