Personal Session

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If you are feeling heavy, anxious, depressed or out of sorts and aren’t sure why. If you have unexplained aches and pains in the body and wish you could feel clear, aligned balanced and strong I can help.

I guide you into your emotional energy body
In order to understand the difference between your energy and other people’s energies you must learn how to internally focus. I guide you into your inner landscape so you can feel what energies are not yours and to teach you how to release them.

Energy Clearing
Once you can identify your energy from other people’s energy then you learn how to clear other people’s energy from your energy field. This is easy, but it takes practice and daily maintenance. Once you learn this you will feel 100% better on a daily basis because you won’t be constantly affected by other people’s energy.

Once you are clear of other people’s energy it’s easy to ground into your body. People usually don’t feel good about grounding into their body because of the trapped energy held there that we have taken on from other people.
When there is a trauma part of the energy leaves the body because it doesn’t feel safe, if we never bring it back in, it just floats around the body. You will tend to feel scattered, flighty, ungrounded. If this goes on long enough the body will start to take on energy from the people around it. It works for a while, but eventually that energy will stagnate and feel heavy and yucky. Until it gets so heavy you get sick and feel tired all the time because the body can’t access its own energy and power.

But once you are clear and clean it feels really good to be in your body and grounded. We need to be grounded in order for our body to function properly and heal. Many people who have unexplained pain or emotional upsets are often experiencing the body letting them know that there is too much foreign energy in there and not enough of their own pure energy. Once the energy is cleared they feel calm, relaxed and full of vibrance again. The body actually has enough to heal itself and do what it needs to do.

If you are ready to feel better schedule your appointment below.
I would love to help you clear out all the is not yours and get back into your body today!