Pet Healing

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Pet Energy Healing

Is your pet friend feeling a bit down and out?
A Pet Healing Session will help them on a PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL and SPIRITUAL level.

Your pet is your forever baby. Let’s help get them back to their HAPPY LOVING SELF!


“Fenway, my cat, was lethargic, experiencing loose stools and was unable to walk without collapsing; it appeared that his age and digestive issues had finally become too much for him handle.

This happened over the weekend and I was unable to get him in to the vet; I was expecting the worst and it appeared he would not survive the next few days. Joanna was aware of the situation and sent him healing with the Healy.

Fenway experienced an immediate and remarkable turn around. He began his normal routine; he started walking around once again – he was eating and expressing himself vocally. This was not a gradual change but an immediate shift and his behavior quickly returned to normal. Both he and I are very grateful and there is little doubt that the treatments had an immediate impact on his health.

It has been a few weeks and he is the most energic he has been in years!”