About Us

Joanna Albrecht- Main Instructor and Founder

Joanna Albrecht

For about 25 years I have been  traveling the globe  and exploring the vast world of energy healing and consciousness raising. 

Most of my work  is rooted in the energetics of self love and how to let go of unhealthy relationships. I believe that the deeper you get to know and love yourself,  the less you attract in and have the lessons of unhealthy relationships. These relationships often time come into our lives to teach us where we need to stop focusing on the outside world for love and connection and how to come back to ourselves and our connection to the Divine for sustained energy and everlasting love. 

 For more information about all of the healing modalities I incorporate in my group and personal sessions please visit www.unfoldinglove.com which also has links to my audio, kindle and physical book on Amazon and a place to book a personal session with me, 

Thank you so much for being here! Super excited to meet you on this beautiful healing and discovery journey we call life!

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