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Joanna Albrecht

From a very young age, I’ve been on an epic journey that took me around the world to find love and acceptance through romantic relationships.

Much to my surprise, the more I chased love, the faster it ran from me.

It wasn’t until an extremely emotionally abusive relationship that I realized…

If I was going to get the love I was seeking, I had to give it to myself.
The old saying was true.

“The love you are seeking is found within.”

People had told me so many times, “You just have to love yourself!”
And I would say, “Great! Tell me exactly how! If you give me the steps I will do it!”

Needless to say, no one had any concrete steps to take.

I dove deep into energy healing, life coaching, hypnotherapy, meditation, I learned massage and studied from shamans, philosophers and countless teachers.

I travelled around the world, literally, to discover the steps of how to focus the love I was hemorrhaging out to others and learned to bring it back to my body and my child within.

Once I learned how to properly love myself, my life and relationships changed.
I was no longer seeking outside of myself for love. I was radiating it.

I no longer felt needy, clingy and desperately looking for my other half.

I was whole complete and IN LOVE.
I was living as though I was in the best most loving and passionate intimate relationship…
But instead of focusing that love on another person I was in that relationship with myself.

I realized, My Body is My Soul Mate.

When I talked to my body and treated it like I would any person I was in a relationship with, amazing things started to happen! My anxiety went away and I started to feel safe in my body for the first time I could remember.

I lived my life as Divine Love and as I walked through life I attracted people and situations that reflected that LOVE back to me.

The work I do in the world now is sharing the teachings that I gathered up from my life’s journey about how to clear everything in the way of giving, receiving and EMBODYING DIVINE LOVE.

If you are ready to create a different, deeper, more loving connection with your body to feel more love than you have every felt then lets create a plan for you to clear everything in the way of you having the relationship of your dreams…starting with the relationship with yourself.