Don’t Cut those Cords! What?!?😮

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You love them. You hate them. It feels amazing! It hurts and feels more painful than a knife wound. Do you have a relationship in your life that is a roller coaster ride, but you can’t figure out how to get off?You try to leave, but they keep pulling you back in… Energetic Attachments or … Read more

Chakra Clearing and Strengthening✨

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Course Description A FUN and EXPANSIVE!This 7 Week Inner Adventure takes you on a deep exploration into the Chakra System to find out: WHERE you are stuck WHY you have trouble Letting Go HOW to RELEASE all of the things that are keeping you from RECEIVING all you want in life! By the end of … Read more

Energy Clearing Made Easy✨

How to Clear Energy

Course Description Do you find yourself feeling heavy or exhausted after interacting with others. Does being in a crowd exhaust you?Do people come to you for help only for you to feel drained after? Learn to identify your energy from other people’s energy Learn to Clear out the energy that is not yours Learn to … Read more

Energy Clearing for Home and Work 🏠

House Clearing

Course Description Weird stuff happening at your house?Does your property feel off or heavy?Are people in your house fighting for no apparent reason? Do you dread going to work?Do you wish everyone would just get along? These all could mean energies or entities that are squatting in your space!This course will teach you how to … Read more